Sensual Artist


From awkward to Goddess, I share with others how I build confidence to live in authenticity.

Consultation Services

So you’d like to live a more authentic life but you’re not sure what that looks like or how to do it. You just want to feel free to be yourself and have unshakable confidence too.

Well first, you need to figure out what your obstacles are. Then, we can arm you with the proper tools, knowledge and resources to push past them!

Whether it’s transforming into your highest self, discovering your passion or helping you feel more attractive and grounded in who you are, booking a consultation with me is sure to put you on the path you’re meant to shine.

You’ve decided to try Pole Dancing. But where do you start? What studio do you go to? Are they all the same?

Starting anything new can be overwhelming. Pole dance is no exception. Many have concerns such as “Am I even strong enough? Sexy enough?” Time to get out of your head and on to the Pole!

I help you indentify your short term and long term Pole goals, match you with studios that will meet your needs and with instructors that will take fantastic care of you. Start your Pole Journey off as strong and as confident as your future Pole Body will be!